Paul Carr

Paul is a Space Systems engineer at NASA, podcaster, blogger, investigator

Paul is a Senior Systems Enginner at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. He earned his BS in physics from Iowa State University in 1981 and M.S. in Applied Psychics from The John Hopkins University in 2000. Since 1986 Paul works as a Systems Engineer, started in Lockheed Martin and continued on in John Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, ATK Space Systems and Services and now at Hawk Institue for Space Science working for NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. Since 2012 Paul runs “Dream of the Open Channel” blog which he describes as “a blog using the scientific search for intelligent life on other worlds as a mental lens to ask every sort of interesting question”. In June 2012, Paul started a “Wow! Signal Podcast”, podcast that explores the past, present and the future of sentient beings everywhere. On 4th of April 2015 Paul published first episode of his new podcast – “Unseen Podcast”. It’s open participation, unscripted, uncensored, Creative Commons spinoff podcast of the “Wow! Signal Podcast”.


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