Topics we have covered so far:


Ask Me Anything (Seth Shostak, Paul Carr, Andrew Rader, Antonio Paris, Ciro Villa)
Where we’re going we don’t need roads (Nancy Atkinson, Graham Lau, Joe Lennox)
Exceptional character (Terry Virts, Mike Mongo, Paul Carr, Andrew Rader, Nicole Gugliucci, Erin Macdonald)
Interplanetary games (Fraser Cain)


My kind of spaceship (Nancy Atkinson, Paul Carr, Ciro Villa, Fraser Cain, Seth Shostak, Bob Novella)
Destination: Mars (Ciro Villa, Fraser Cain, Paul Carr, Nancy Atkinson)
To infinity and beyond! (Mike Simmons, Nancy Atkinson, Paul Carr, Antonio Paris)
It’s the size of Texas, Mr President (Fraser Cain, Antonio Paris, Andrew Rader)


2018 (Seth Shostak, Paul Carr, Fraser Cain, Nancy Atkinson)
Prepare for warp speed (Paul Carr, Fraser Cain, Ciro Villa, Andrew Rader, Bob Novella, Antonio Paris)
Houston, “Eagle” has landed (Andrew Rader, Paul Carr, Ciro Villa, Bob Novella)
Curiosity (Andrew Rader, Nancy Atkinson, Antonio Paris)
2017 (Ciro Villa, Antonio Paris, Matthew Greenhouse, Mike Simmons)


Charity 2.0 (Abigail Harrison, Mike Simmons, Morgan Rehnberg, Paul Carr)
Little green/grey men (Mike Simmons, Antonio Paris, Nicole Gugliucci, Andrew Rader, Paul Carr, Ciro Villa)
Next Giant Leap (Andrew Rader, Seth Shostak, Nicole Gugliucci, Fraser Cain, Paul Carr)
Farewell Rosetta! (Nancy Atkinson, Andrew Rader, Antonio Paris, Ciro Villa)
One question (Andrew Rader, Antonio Paris, Fraser Cain, Nicole Gugliucci)
OSIRIS-REx (Morgan Rehnberg, Paul Carr, Antonio Paris)
To boldly go where no man has gone before (Fraser Cain, Andrew Rader, Antonio Paris, Pamela Gay, Ciro Villa, Paul Carr)
Vacation on the ISS (Andrew Rader, Ciro Villa, Paul Carr)
We’re here (Andrew Rader, Fraser Cain, Antonio Paris, Nicole Gugliucci, Ciro Villa)
Something huge is heading our way! (Nicole Gugliucci, Paul Carr, Bob Novella)
Galileo Galilei (Fraser Cain, Andrew Rader, Antonio Paris)
The Force Awakens (Paul Carr, Nancy Atkinson, Andrew Rader, Bob Novella)
2015 (Andrew Rader, Antonio Paris, Nancy Atkinson)


What to expect from 2016? (Antonio Paris, Nancy Atkinson, Pamela Gay)
James Webb Space Telescope (Nicole Gugliucci, Nancy Atkinson, Andrew Rader, Antonio Paris)
15 years aboard ISS (Fraser Cain, Antonio Paris)
Hello, are you there? (Andrew Rader, Antonio Paris, Nancy Atkinson)
Terraforming (Bob Novella, Fraser Cain, Andrew Rader, Nancy Atkinson, Nicole Gugliucci, Antonio Paris)
Conspiracy (Andrew Rader, Antonio Paris, Pamela Gay, Nancy Atkinson, Fraser Cain, Nicole Gugliucci)
Appeal to good people (Fraser Cain, Nancy Atkinson)
Relax, please. (Fraser Cain, Bob Novella, Nancy Atkinson, Andrew Rader)
Kepler-452b – Earth’s cousin (Fraser Cain, Nancy Atkinson, Andrew Rader)
Pluto flyby (Andrew Rader, Brian Koberlein, Fraser Cain, Bob Novella, Pamela Gay)
Bright spots on Ceres (Seth Shostak, Fraser Cain, Andrew Rader)
Charity (Pamela Gay, Fraser Cain, Nancy Atkinson, Brian Koberlein, Andrew Rader, Mateusz Macias)
Humanity Representative (Nicole Gugliucci, Nancy Atkinson, Fraser Cain, Brian Koberlein, Andrew Rader)
Vacation Trip (Brian Koberlein, Fraser Cain, Nicole Gugliucci, Andrew Rader, Robert Novella)
Happy Birthday Hubble Space Telescope (Fraser Cain, Nancy Atkinson)
Favourite one (Andrew Rader, Nicole Gugliucci, Robert Novella, Nancy Atkinson)
Astronomy events (Robert Novella, Fraser Cain)
Asteroid Redirect Mission (Fraser Cain)
Influential scientists (Fraser Cain, Nicole Gugliucci)
Predictions for the year 2015 (Fraser Cain, Nicole Gugliucci)

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