January 2017: Astronomy & Space on paper

Looking for something to read in January? Quick check on what’s in store for this month in astronomy magazines.  

Astronomy, topics:

  • Top 10 space stories of 2016
  • The final days of Cassini
  • Ask Astro
  • The Sky This Month
  • StarDome and Path of Planets
  • Sizing up planetary nebulae
  • Is telescope making a lost art?
  • Two imagers are better than one
  • Starmus III: A tribute to Stephen Hawking

SkyNews, topics: 

  • Top 10 Sky Sights For 2017
  • The World Next Door
  • Splendid Winter Double Stars
  • On the Moon: A Blue-Sky Moon
  • Scoping the Sky: Castor Puts His Best Foot Forward
  • Cosmic Musings: A Celestial Eye Chart
  • Capturing The Universe: Tools and Rules For Getting the Right Exposure
  • Exploring the Night Sky: Venus Lights the Evening Sky
  • Editor’s Report: Manual Mayhem
  • Constellation Corner: Lepus

Sky at Night, topics:

  • 25 Years of Exoplanets
  • Tim Peake
  • Missions of the Future
  • The Ashen Light
  • Reviews: Vixen A62SS 2.5-inch achromatic refractor, iOptron SkyTracker Pro DSLR camera mount, ZWO ASI290MM cooled monochrome CMOS camera
  • Stellar spectral classifications
  • How to make an automated flat panel and dust cap
  • Image processing – registering images in DeepSkyStacker
  • Monthly Bulletin, all the latest astronomical news, Cutting Edge revealing the highlights from brand new research
  • January Sky Guide featuring the Quadrantids meteor shower, Comet 45P/Honda-Mrkos-Pajdusakova, an all-sky chart, a deep-sky tour
  • Our Scope Doctor answers your technical kit questions
  • Interactive: your letters, tweets, forum posts and readers’ scopes
  • Gear
  • What’s On listings
  • Hotshots
  • Beautiful new images from space in Eye on the Sky
  • The latest astronomy books reviewed

Popular Astronomy, topics:

  • The jewels of Perseus Martin Griffiths
  • The origins of popular astronomy Allan Chapman
  • A day in the life of a radio astronomer Megan Argo
  • Is Proxima b habitable?
  • Q&A with Chris Lintott
  • Telescope Topics
  • Amateur Scene
  • Citizen Science
  • Young Stargazers
  • Space Exploration
  • Book Reviews
  • Section Reports
  • The Society Pages
  • Sky Diary