Reducing the cost of spaceflight

SpaceX is attempting to recover its rocket’s first stage after every launch to lower the cost of spaceflight. If successful what is the next big step for private spaceflight companies?

Fraser Cain (publisher at, co-host of Astronomy Cast)

If SpaceX can successfully reuse the first stage of its rocket, this will be a quantum leap forward in space exploration, by significantly lowering the cost of reaching space. The next step, of course, will be to make the upper stage re-usable too. And this is something that SpaceX is planning to do. If everything works out, SpaceX will be able to re-use both the first and second stage of every rocket they launch, with the only expense being fuel. Once this happens, it lowers the cost of getting anything and everything into space. And with lower costs, it makes a vast range of missions feasible.

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